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Liberal voters threaten to vote out MPs who support “Anti-Parents’ Rights” Proposal

State-wide polling has shown three quarters of Tasmanian voters reject the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI) “Anti-Parents’ Rights” proposal being considered by the Tasmanian government.

Christopher Brohier, ACL Tasmanian Director said, “It is of serious concern for the Liberal party that the results reveal that Liberal voters will abandon the government in droves if they support this proposal. The polling also showed over half of voters are less likely to vote for any sitting Member of Parliament who supports this proposal.”

Mr Brohier said, “The poorly defined proposal attacks parental rights and potentially creates a ban on basic religious practices like prayer. Under the proposal, any teaching by parents, schools or churches about truths of biological sex or the teaching of biblical views on sexual attraction and the critical importance of one’s natal sex, can be met with criminal prosecution. The proposals in their current form do not protect parents or grandparents raising their families in accordance with their values.

“Importantly, complaints about the teaching of these values can be lodged by anyone, even those not affected, opening the door for activists to harass and silence people of faith for simply sharing their sincere beliefs.”

ACL said, “While 78.8% of voters were unaware of the government proposal, once it was explained that parents could face criminal charges for questioning their child’s decision to change gender, 76.3% did not support it and 53.6% said they were less likely to vote for a sitting MP who supported it. The polling was conducted state-wide throughout September and October this year, with supplementary targeted surveys in Bass and in the Premier’s seat, Braddon.”

Mr Brohier continued, “The proposal is a clear violation of parental rights, freedom of religion and conscience. The polling emphatically shows the voters reject it.

“Tasmanian MPs should be aware that 54.1% of Liberal voters, 57.2% of Labor voters, and even 41.2% of Greens voters would consider changing their vote if their local MP supports this proposal.

“This is a wake-up call to Tasmanian MPs. They must stop trying to smuggle in laws that attack families, parents and people of faith and conscience. They must pull back these laws which will hurt children. Instead, they need to listen to the voters, protect families and vulnerable children, and reject this proposal.” 

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