Media Release

Anti-conversion bill could criminalise Christian expression

The Australian Christian Lobby has raised concern that the Victorian government commentary, as it presented its Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 yesterday, indicates a bill so broad it may crush Christian expressions of gender and sexuality.

“The ACL has consistently flagged concern that sincere, genuine and widespread Christian belief and discussions by family members and churches concerning LGBT attraction – even in the most informal of settings like a private conversation – could become criminal acts,” ACL Victorian spokesperson Jasmine Yuen said. “The silence in the government’s press release on protecting any form of Christian belief or expression in this area, and the bill’s broad title, is very concerning.”

“To be clear, ACL does not support coercive practices directed at LGBT attracted people. We have not seen any evidence that these practices occur in modern Australia.

“ACL is also concerned that the bill could criminalise highly qualified, professional counselling for children with gender dysphoria or adults with LGBT attraction.”

ACL urges all parliamentarians to give themselves time for careful deliberation on the religious freedom, health and other adverse impacts of the bill.


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