Media Release

Injecting Room Law Protects Drug Dealers

Revelations today that Victorian police are powerless to prevent drug dealers from taking advantage of the state’s injecting room legislation comes as no surprise to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s state director Dan Flynn said, “This is exactly what we have been warning the government about for years.”  

“In June 2017 the ACL advised the Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into Drug Law Reform that there would be a honeypot effect. This has proved to be the case.”   

“Police have been told not to patrol the area. This puts surrounding residents in an increasingly dangerous situation.”  

Mr Flynn also said that drug injecting rooms send the wrong message to those dealing with drug addiction and young people, that somehow the practice is safe and acceptable.  

“What we are seeing is, in fact, the very opposite. Drugs are becoming more prevalent within the injecting room area and are creating a hotspot for drug dealers.”  

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging the government to listen to the local residents and close the drug injecting room in order to ensure community safety.

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