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Disgraceful Rainbow Re-Education manifesto push during state of emergency must be dumped

The Andrews government is right now creating a more aggressive rainbow manifesto and should dump it, the Australian Christian Lobby said today. 

“It beggars belief that the Andrews government is making a new tilt at a rainbow re-education program for all Victorians during a state of emergency,” ACL Victorian director Jasmine Yuen said. “All available hands should be on deck fighting coronavirus. The government’s radical new manifesto unfairly treats women, children, their families and those with faith.”

“Public consultation into the new LGBTIQ ‘strategy’ was launched during the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis – in June – and closes next Monday, 3 August. The review attacks exemptions to faith-based groups, families and individuals, referring to some traditional values on gender as ‘outdated’.

“Women have fought for their rights for generations and are being sidelined by the transgender agenda,” Mrs Yuen noted. “The indoctrination of children through ‘Safe Schools’ and ‘Respectful Relationships’ programs will become even more aggressive if this rainbow manifesto is adopted. Families will be targeted for what the government declares ‘outdated’ views. People of faith, their schools and faith communities will be targeted even though they have fought hard for generations to secure their rights, freedoms and exemptions under anti-discrimination laws.”

“The Andrews government is very brazen, developing this radical manifesto during a state emergency. They have no mandate or right – under cover of a crisis – to trade off rights, freedoms and exemptions to appease a radical activist movement. They should dump this manifesto immediately.”


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