Media Release

‘Sex work’ review to consider the Nordic reform model

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the assurance of Victoria’s ‘sex work’ review committee that all aspects of decriminalisation and alternative views will be considered, notwithstanding the chair Fiona Patten MLC’s advocacy for decriminalising prostitution.

The committee recently heard a sample of the extensive evidence from other countries, showing that full decriminalisation of sex work does not prevent exploitation and violence. Rather, it removes protections for vulnerable people, whilst protecting brothel owners and pimps from prosecution.

“We know that vulnerable women and even children continue to be exploited in illegal brothels across Melbourne,” ACL Victoria spokesperson Jasmine Yuen said, “Full decriminalisation of prostitution justifies violence against the most vulnerable in our society. With current regulation levels failing to protect these vulnerable women and children, decriminalising prostitution certainly won’t ensure their safety. It is a cruel lie to suggest that full decriminalisation will protect anyone in prostitution.”

The ACL has been invited to participate in the review on 10 June, and will advocate for the Nordic model of decriminalisation. This model is also known as the Human Rights Model, recognising that prostitution and trafficking are inseparable and must be opposed on a human rights basis.


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