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Queensland Women and Children Sacrificed by Palaszczuk Labor Government

Disturbingly, under the cover of its Child Protection Bill, the Palaszczuk Government has forced through legislation to legalise prostitution in Queensland.

Australian Christian Lobby Qld Director, Rob Norman said, “Without notice, without committee scrutiny, and without public consultation, the Queensland Government, with its partisan power and unicameral Parliament, has thrown Queensland children on the altar of a decriminalized sex industry. The ‘Child Protection (Offender Reporting and Offender Prohibition Order) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022’ today caught Parliament by surprise by morphing into an omnibus bill to force the controversial legislation through the Queensland Parliament. This government has used their political power in an arbitrary manner on an issue of grave importance, thumbing their nose at the democratic processes Queenslanders should be able to have confidence in.

“We know from jurisdictions around the world that wherever prostitution is decriminalized, women and girls become the victims of trafficking and slavery. Sex trafficking will never end whilst Governments whitewash prostitution and give oxygen to the pimps and crime bosses in the shadows of the sex industry.”

Mr. Norman said, “It is ironical that the ‘Sound of Freedom’, a movie based on a true story of sex-trafficking, is premiering in Queensland at the same time the Palaszczuk Government sets the scene for the modern-day slavery of vulnerable women and children.”

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the Queensland Opposition to commit to rolling back this Bill and following the lead of Nordic and other European Countries by introducing a comprehensive Equality Bill as part of its election platform in 2024. The Nordic/Equality model of prostitution reform is proven to reduce the size of the sex industry and the trafficking of women and children.

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