Media Release

Regulating illegal drugs would do more harm than good

Comments made by Dr Alex Wodak and former Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Palmer regarding calls to regulate MDMA are out of touch with the destructive nature of illicit drugs. 

Managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Martyn Iles said; “Policy suggestions like this show a degree of naivety about the many who struggle with drug addiction and the impact it has on their families.” 

One in 10 people aged 14 or older who have been victims of illicit drug-related incidents in Australia.” 

“Illegal substances such as MDMA are highly addictive in nature and have the real potential to destroy the lives of those who take the drugs and their families. Allowing the public to readily purchase such substances with impunity is hardly going to be helpful.” 

“To pretend illicit drugs are like cigarettes or alcohol is madness. Drugs are far more dangerous and, the message must be sent that their sale and consumption is wrong and therefore illegal,” commented Mr Iles. 

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on state governments to enforce the laws around the sale and use of drugs and reject pill testing and regulation proposals.

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