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Equality Model of Prostitution Law Reform opposed by advocates for pimps from an outdated era

The Equality Model of Prostitution law reform which is embodied in the Summary Offences (Prostitution Law Reform) Bill has been tabled by the Honourable Nicola Centofanti in the South Australia (SA) Upper House.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Director of Public Policy, Christopher Brohier, said today, “Ms Centofanti’s bill is based on the most progressive, women centred, model of prostitution law reform in the world. It was recently supported by a significant majority of the European Parliament and has been implemented successfully in many countries around the world, the latest jurisdiction being Maine in the USA.

“Since the Equality Model was introduced in Sweden since 1999, no women in prostitution have been killed, as opposed to New Zealand where, under complete decriminalisation, at least five women in prostitution have been murdered.

“The Equality Model reduces trafficking and prostitution. It is a win for all women! The recent criticisms of the Model by those who advocate for the protection of pimps by complete decriminalisation (as it decriminalises pimping) are based on tired, factually wrong propositions.”   

Brohier concluded, “The Equality Model decriminalises the selling of sex but criminalises the buying of sex and third party profiteering. It also offers exit strategies for those who wish to leave the trade. SA MPs should heed the voices of survivors and the members of the European Parliament. They should not listen to the voices of those who support profiteering from the sale of women’s bodies.”

SA has historically led the way in advancing the rights of women. It should continue to do so by enacting the Equality Model of Prostitution Law Reform.  

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