Media Release

SA government to increase penalties on cannabis possession

Proposed increased penalties for possession of cannabis by the South Australian government as reported in the Advertiser on Monday 2 July have been welcomed by Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL South Australian Director Christopher Brohier said “It is well known that cannabis is an entry level drug that not only has long term adverse effects but also often leads to other drug use such as methamphetamines. The Attorney-General is to be commended for acting on the recommendations of the Deputy Coroner.”

“What is of great concern is the SA Law Society’s view that there was a lack of “evidence-based justification” for increasing drug related penalties”.

A resolute and strong stand against drug use from the standpoint of the criminal law coupled with help for addicts will win the war against drugs which causes significant hurt to South Australians and our economy.

“It is clear that drug addiction is both a criminal justice and a health issue and these increased penalties are an appropriate deterrence.” ACL’s Christopher Brohier said.

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