Media Release

UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women supports Equality Model of Prostitution Law Reform

The submission by the UN Special Rapporteur to the European Court of Human Rights that the French law which protects and provides exit strategies for women in prostitution while combatting those who exploit their vulnerabilities namely pimps, traffickers and sex buyers aligns well with the Equality Bill recently introduced by the Honourable Nicola Centofanti into South Australia’s (SA) Upper House. 

The South Australian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Christopher Brohier said, “Laws which reduce the demand for the purchase have been proved absolutely to improve the status of all women.

The UN submission provides significant evidence of the effectiveness of the Equality Model in that it notes that, since the French law came into operation, 1247 prostituted people have accessed exit programs and 95% of them have exited the prostitution trade. Additionally, approximately 70% of French citizens agree that people should not be able to buy access to other people’s bodies; 74% consider prostitution as a form of violence against women.” 

The ACL calls on the SA Parliament to show their commitment to true equality by passing the Centofanti Bill quickly. 

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