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Ideology in Victorian Education Exposed

Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital gender clinic waiting list is experiencing an unprecedented surge, with the increasing number of confused young boys and girls who now considered themselves “non-binary”. Despite this concerning trend, Victorian teachers are being warned against calling students boys and girls, or referring to parents as mothers and fathers.  

Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen, has been sounding the alarm of gender indoctrination happening at Victorian state schools for years. She said, “The nationwide report revealing the extent of gender indoctrination at government schools reported in The Australian doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, this has been occurring since the roll out of Safe School programs years ago when former Premier, Dan Andrews, made the program mandatory in all state secondary schools. Gender diversity and inclusivity are a big part of Victorian state schools both in primary and secondary, now pushed through the Respectful Relationships education which is part of the core component of the Victorian Curriculum. 

“Combined with school policies such as the Mature Minors Policy, LGBTIQA+ Student Support and Doctors in Secondary Schools program, children are being referred to gender clinics, even without the knowledge of their parents. 

“Victorians wondering why their children are struggling and doing poorly in their academic study need look no further than the ideologies and political activism which have been prioritized over the basics of education. 

“Victorian parents are either in the dark about the widespread indoctrination at schools, or too busy to know what is happening at their kids’ schools. Some feel helpless to challenge the education system or the government. On their behalf, the ACL has launched a community education letterboxing campaign to raise awareness.  

“For our children’s sake, we are committed to exposing ideologically driven programs and policies that are damaging their lives”  

The ACL calls on the Allan Government to have a round table discussion to work together to bring the basics of education back as priorities. 

Resource – The Australian, ‘Non-binary enrolments rocket up’.

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