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SA Upper House members can’t define sex

Everyday Australians would be perplexed to know that, when it came to a vote on Wednesday 31 May, on the Honourable Sarah Game’s motion that because there are two sexes, gendered pronouns should continue to be used, the South Australian Upper House were unable to settle on a set of pronouns to reflect the scientific fact that biological sex is male and female.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) South Australian Director of Politics, Christopher Brohier, said, “Even Wikipedia knows there are two sexes. At a time when Australian gender clinics are pushing outdated, experimental treatment of children who are confused about their sex, it is deeply concerning that the Upper House members have chosen to continue the charade that non- gendered language is appropriate or useful. The evidence is mounting that this may be the biggest medical scandal of the last 100 years.

“The continuing support of Parliamentarians of the debunked sex fluid movement contributes to the confusion harming our kids, and there is little doubt that they will be held accountable in the years to come.” 

The ACL congratulated the 4 MLCs who voted for the motion to use scientifically correct language – the Honourable Sarah Game, the Honourable Nicola Centofanti, the Honourable Ben Hood and the Honourable Laura Curran. Honourable Dennis Hood and Heidi Girolamo were paired out but we understand they would also have supported the motion.

The ACL calls on all MPs to reject ideological nonsense and return to the use of scientifically correct language.

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