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Senate Abortion Committee erases pro-life voices

The Orwellian named Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare Senate Committee (aka the Committee to push abortion), has denied the Fair Go principle by refusing to publish all of the submissions made by ordinary Australians.

Christopher Brohier, the Australian Christian Lobby’s National Director said today,

“The Abortion Committee has said, ‘The Committee has received a large volume of material associated with two coordinated campaigns, including from a third-party coordinated campaign and the Australian Christian Lobby, as well as three form letters from Fair Agenda, Surrogacy Australia and Cherish Life… the Committee has agreed to publish a sample of each of the campaigns.’   

“The ACL did not promote a form letter. ACL merely encouraged ordinary Australians to make their views known to the Committee in accordance with the call for submissions. Any Australians who made submissions did so because of their concerns.”

Mr Brohier continued, “It is disrespectful in the extreme for the Committee to treat these submissions as if they were a homogenous lump. It is UnAustralian.

“The attitude of the Committee shows its crippling bias. Unless it is willing to publish and properly consider all submissions, its findings are no more use than if they were written by abortion profiteers.”

The ACL calls on the Committee to publish all submissions of individual Australians. They must be given a Fair Go!

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