Media Release

Gender affirmation recommended by TLRI attracts growing opposition

LGB Tasmania’s billboard “Let Kids Be Kids” is the latest attempt to expose the harmful, irreversible “gender affirming” treatment recommended by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI).  

Long-time campaigner against the TLRI recommendations, Tasmanian Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Christopher Brohier, said “LGB Tasmania’s billboard is a clear sign of the increasing pressure on the government to abandon the TLRI report. Tasmanians from all backgrounds and walks of life oppose the TLRI’s deceitful attempt to push gender-fluid ideology onto our most vulnerable. This ideology is a social contagion that is causing untold harm.

“The TLRI report calls for parents, clinicians and pastors to be penalised if they do anything other than put kids who are confused about their sex on a treatment pathway which will cause them irreversible harm.

“Social transitioning, as recommended by the TLRI, has been proven to cause lifelong detriment to the physical and mental health of children, including infertility.

The ACL calls on the Rockliff government to distance themselves from the irresponsible recommendations included in the TLRI report and to set up an independent inquiry into best practice for people who are confused about their sex. 

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