Media Release

Tasmanian AMA Should Stay Out of Democratic Politics 

The Tasmanian Australian Medical Association’s criticism on 21 February 2024 of the democratic preselection of a  Liberal candidate who, in some unidentified way, is alleged to hold anti-vaccine opinions, betrays arrogance toward rank and file Liberal members who preselected the candidate. 

Christopher Brohier, the Tasmanian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said today, “The AMA has no more authority or insight to speak into the processes of any political party than anyone else. 

“Significantly, on 27 February 2024, 6 days after the AMA’s unfortunate media release, the Queensland Supreme Court held that the vaccine mandate directions of the Queensland Police were unlawful. For the community to have confidence in the health advice, contrary views should be allowed to be aired and debated.” 

Mr Brohier concluded, “The AMA’s attitude to the candidate is the best way for unscientific views to mushroom – by suppression rather that casting sunlight on alleged errors by open debate.” 

The ACL calls on the AMA to refrain from getting involved in the democratic processes of political parties. Tasmanian voters will judge which candidates they elect. 

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