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This Greens Bill should not pass

The Australian Christian Lobby has called on South Australian Attorney General, Vicki Chapman, not to turn her back on the proven Nordic approach to prostitution given her recent support of the Greens bill before the SA Parliament.

The Greens’ Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2018, currently before the Legislative Council, will allow unfettered prostitution, including street prostitution, anywhere at anytime.

ACL South Australian director Christopher Brohier said: “Rather than supporting the complete decriminalisation and institutionalisation of prostitution in South Australia, which will allow street work in front of schools, churches, mosques and even kindergartens, Ms Chapman could take the lead by supporting the Nordic approach.

“It was encouraging to see this become the Liberal Party platform in Victoria and there is no reason why South Australia cannot implement it in this Parliament.”

Currently, street prostitution causes tremendous problems in parts of Adelaide (mainly in the western suburbs), with women coming home from work being approached by men. Decriminalisation provides no answers and no real help for prostituted women wanting to leave the industry. Rather it will exacerbate the current problems including that of pop-up brothels in short stay rentals, as identified only this morning on breakfast radio by an Adelaide City councilor.

“Decriminalisation will also mean there will be no controls over advertising and pop-up brothels will proliferate, even more than they do now,” Mr Brohier said.

Wendy Francis, director of ACL’s Centre for Human Dignity said:

“The decriminalisation model is a dated method of dealing with prostitution law. It enhances the idea that women’s bodies may be bought for the pleasure of men anywhere.”

“Prostitution is incongruent with a society that values all persons as having equal dignity with a right to freedom from exploitation,” Mrs Francis said.

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