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Thousands of parents and grandparents call on PM to protect their religious schools

The Senate’s inquiry into legislative exemptions for religious schools continues until the 26th of November. Meanwhile, thousands of parents are signing a petition for these freedoms to remain.

Managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Martyn Iles said, “The forgotten constituency in this debate is the hard-working parents and grandparents who make great sacrifices to send their children to a Christian school.” 

“These parents and grandparents are signing the petition in their thousands because they have deliberately chosen a religious school and then made the necessary sacrifices to do what they believe is best for their kids.” 

“They sense that their way of life is under attack.” 

“This is the ultimate consultation process. We are going straight to the people who will be most impacted by any kind of policy change. It’s important that the voices of parents and families are heard during this conversation, not drowned out by activists.” 

The Save our Schools petition has already garnered nearly 15,000 signatures since it was launched late last week. “The feedback we have received already is resounding. The number continues to grow rapidly as more families become aware of the concerns religious schools have with this most recent attack on their autonomy and freedoms.”  

“We will be handing this petition over to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader in the coming weeks, to show exactly how many Australian families will be negatively impacted if religious schools lose their ability to hire staff who agree with their Christian ethos,” commented Mr Iles.  

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