Media Release

Universities must ensure freedom of speech

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes comments by Human Right’s Commissioner Ed Santow that it’s worth considering a code of conduct that ensures freedom of speech is respected on university campuses. 

Managing director Martyn Iles said; “It is becoming apparent that some universities are not places where freedom of speech is respected as it ought to be in places of open academic inquiry.” 

“We have seen students like Josh threatened with academic discipline just for praying for a fellow student – with permission.” 

“We have seen events at universities unfairly targeted by activists just for the views held by the guest speaker. Recent examples of this include Bettina Arndt at University of Sydney and Quentin Van Meter at the University of Western Australia.” 

“It’s cases like this that highlight the need for universities to consider a policy which will allow for students, guest speakers and lectures to share their views without fear of unfair reprimand.” 

“Universities were once a place of robust debate and an exploration of ideas, it would be great to see this guaranteed into the future,” commented Mr Iles. 

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