Media Release

University Free Speech Review Raises Need for Bigger Freedoms Debate

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes news of a review into freedom of speech across Australian universities.

But ACL managing director, Martyn Iles, said that the shutting down and protesting of debates on university campuses was just a symptom of a bigger freedom problem in Australia.  

“Whilst ACL welcomes this review by Robert French AC; it’s apparent that we are starting to have a whole range of scattered, small-scale conversations on freedoms. It’s time to step back and have a bigger look at the kinds of freedoms we think are worth protecting in Australia at large, to preserve our way of life.  

“The heart of the issue is this: what freedoms are essential to the Australian way of life?”  

The Australian Christian Lobby supports the move to set a legal standard on what democratic freedoms should be protected in Australia, which will provide guidelines not just for universities, but all areas of public life.   

“Freedom of speech is not just needed behind the walls of universities, it’s something that must be protected throughout our country,” commented Mr Iles.

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