Media Release

Victorian Government Stoops to New Low Supporting Disgusting Onstage Simulation

Melbourne’s Rising Festival is a disgusting example of a society having lost its moral compass.

Victorian State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Jasmine Yuen, said, “It is beyond disturbing to hear of the degradation on display at the Melbourne Rising Festival and know that it is being supported by the Victorian government.

“In the name of “art” and “education”, an audience is invited to witness Brazillian artist Carolina Bianchi being penetrated with a speculum and small camera whilst drugged unconscious on stage.

“This production has pushed all ethical and moral boundaries of any decent society. The content will be distressing for many with a high likelihood of causing emotional and psychological damage, especially for those with a traumatic past.”

In recognition of its multiple risk factors imposed on the audience and the artist herself, the Australian Christian Lobby urges the Victorian government to suspend the funding and rescind the permit for the production to performed in the festival.

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