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WA Labor Surrogacy Bill Will Commodify Children

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging members of the WA Legislative Council to vote against the Human Reproductive Technology & Surrogacy Amendment Bill, which if passed would allow men to apply for altruistic surrogacy.

“According to Labor, this legislation is being amended to create equality within the existing law which gives single women access to surrogacy – however, no single woman has applied for access in 10 years,” commented ACL’s state director Peter Abetz.  

“It has been scientifically proven that children fare better in all measures when raised by their biological parents in a committed relationship.”  

“For the sake of our kids, it would make more sense to remove the ability for any single person to apply for surrogacy than to extend it to single men.”  

“Surrogacy for single people fundamentally allows adults to trade in human life and treats children as an accessory,” warned Mr Abetz.   

“If the government is serious about improving surrogacy laws, the bill should include requiring criminal record checks for people wanting to access surrogacy and prohibiting residents from engaging in commercial surrogacy overseas.”  

“Many European countries – including Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Denmark have banned all forms of surrogacy, as they view surrogacy as exploitation of women,”     

“I am extremely concerned that if this bill passes it will only serve to commodify children and further exploit women.” 

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