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Why we need legislative reform to protect religious freedom

Comments made today by Father Frank Brennan cast doubt on the adequacy of the Ruddock Review’s response to religious freedom concerns in Australia according to the Australian Christian Lobby.  

Managing Director Martyn Iles said, “Fiddling around the edges of legislation won’t fix the freedom of religion crisis we are currently facing in Australia.  

“The Review was undertaken because changing the Marriage Act has serious consequences for religious freedom. An adequate response must involve a substantial legislative reform program.  

“The religious freedom concerns that need to be addressed are not hypothetical. ACL has already assisted more than 40 people of faith who have gotten in trouble with the law for their beliefs. 

“Religious freedom reforms must guarantee freedom of speech, freedoms for charities, organisations, businesses, and parents to ensure they can continue to practice their faith without discrimination or marginalisation. 

“Anything less will see the law being used to marginalise and intimidate people of faith for living out their identity.” 

Australian Christian Lobby awaits the release of the Ruddock Review and will continue to lobby the government to ensure the fundamental freedoms of religion, conscience and thought are upheld in Australia. 

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