ACL honours the efforts of those brave Liberal, Labor and independent MPs led by Minister David Speirs, Tom Koutsantonis, Steve Murray, Stephen Mullighan and Sam Duluk (and the Leader of the Opposition, Peter Malinauskas) who fought hard and achieved small but significant changes to the new SA abortion Bill, over two gruelling late night sittings.

Sadly, in respectively authoring and sponsoring this Bill, the Attorney-General and the Premier have led the SA Lower House to abrogate their responsibility to protect the most vulnerable, in legislating to permit abortion to birth.

ACL’s SA Director Christopher Brohier said today, “The passage of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 through the Lower House marks a sad day for SA. Instead of seeking to support mothers and their unborn children, the SA Lower House has passed this vague and inconsistent Bill, permitting abortion to birth.”

Mr Brohier added, “The Attorney-General, supported by the Premier, led this bad piece of legislation. The people of SA will reflect deeply on this,­ right through to the next election.”

ACL commends the Leader of the Opposition for voting against the abortion to birth proposal in the Bill. ACL also commends all MPs who worked hard to bring change to this bad Bill. In addition to those mentioned above, Liberal MP Carolyn Power and Labor MP Andrea Michaels, as well as the Independents Geoff Brock and Troy Bell all voted to restrict late term abortions.

In the end, the amendments made to:

  • outlaw sex selection abortion,
  • ensure a duty of care to any babies born alive after attempted abortion,
  • incorporate detailed guidelines as to matters to be considered by doctors in assessing if late term abortions should occur,
  • require provision of information about counselling, and
  • make changes to the conscientious objection provisions

made this Bill the best of the bad series of bills which allow abortion to birth in Australia.

ACL regrets that MPs in the marginal seats of King, Adelaide, Newland, Finniss (all Liberal held) and Mawson (Labor held) voted for the abortion to birth proposal.

ACL urges all South Australians to thank and support the brave MPs who stood up for the unborn, and to vote at the next election to uphold the interests of unborn babies and their mothers.