Christian and other faith-based schools have a long, significant and celebrated history in Australia. The Australian Christian Lobby has defended the freedom of these schools to continue to uphold their Christian values that are the foundation of the school’s ethos and unity.

The settlement of a discrimination case against Ballarat Christian School is a victory for those values continuing to be upheld.

“The sad reality for this school is that it took steadfast determination not to buckle under the pressure of a well-resourced legal attack,” ACL Chief Political Officer Dan Flynn observed today. “To the school’s credit, under great duress, they stood by their principles.”

The case by a former staff member sought compensation for her employment ending after the school had affirmed its values after the redefinition of marriage.

“This case underlines how the religious freedom debate must make faith-based schools’ legal rights crystal clear,” Mr Flynn concluded. “The ACL calls upon the government to ensure a case like Ballarat Christian School never happens again.”