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  • Advocates for life are grateful that Labor backbencher Marisa Paterson will not be putting forward her proposed amendments to expand the ACT’s new voluntary assisted dying (VAD) scheme – which is set to come into effect on November, 2025.  The amendments, which the Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) National Director of Politics Wendy Francis wrote about here, would… Read More

  • The ACT government intent to introduce penalties for health care workers who conscientiously object to administering a poison for the purpose of assisting a patient to suicide or who fail to provide information about how to access assisted suicide, even when done so on religious grounds, has met with resistance from faith leaders. Canberra and… Read More

  • In recognition of the increasing number of babies born alive after late term abortions, Qld health have amended their Clinical for ‘Termination of pregnancy’. Where previously, abortion guidelines stated, “If a live birth occurs… Do not provide life sustaining treatment”, Section 5.4.3 now states “If a baby is born with signs of life, provide care appropriate… Read More

  • SA Liberal loss a win for life issues

    The election loss for the one-term Liberal Party in South Australia has delivered a clear message to parties and MPs that SA voters want abortion to birth restricted. The Parliament has a mandate to do this. Read More

  • Euthanasia: an unfolding national tragedy

    The Australian Christian Lobby values and supports every human life, particularly at the end of life when research for cures and world’s best palliative care should be the priority. Last week we saw the tragic news that 52 Victorians ended their lives in the first 6 months of their new assisted suicide regime. This figure… Read More

  • National Lobbyists to address Adelaide pro-life rally on Saturday

    Martyn Iles, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby and Rachel Carling, CEO of NSW Right to Life will bring their recent experience in fighting NSW abortion laws to South Australia tomorrow. Read More

  • Women need more maternity care options

    “Instead of giving women in rural Queensland what they want – options to give birth safely in their hometowns, Jackie Trad and Labor are proposing radical abortion legislation,” commented Mrs Francis. Read More