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  • The NSW Health Minister’s refusal to address glaring record-keeping deficiencies at Maple Leaf House, a regional gender clinic, has triggered significant concern regarding patient safety and transparency in the healthcare system.   Maple Leaf House, which opened just two years ago, recorded 443 new referrals in 2023 and attended to 983 patients, a stark contrast to Sydney’s… Read More

  • The European Parliament’s recent declaration that surrogacy arrangements bear similarities to human trafficking has cast a somber light on the ethical implications of commercial surrogacy, raising significant concerns about the exploitation of economically vulnerable women and the neglect of children’s rights.  Joshua Rowe, the New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory (NSW/ACT) State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby… Read More

  • A new article has been released by academic psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Amos, highlighting the fact that the gender-affirming model of care is incompatible with competent, ethical medical practice.   The article, published on March 19, notes that gender-affirming guidelines forbid the application of core psychiatric competencies in the assessment of ‘gender-diversity’.   Joshua Rowe, NSW/ACT State Director for… Read More

  • At mid-morning today, the Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024 was referred to the Law and Justice Committee for a two month public consultation that would have invited submissions, witnesses and be live-streamed.  A few hours later, Labor and Greens won a vote in the Legislative Council, 21-20, to overturn the referral to the Committee, quashing the opportunity for broader public consultation. … Read More

  • The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has voiced opposition to the NSW Labor Government’s proposed Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024, citing concern over the bill’s support for harmful treatments, along with the erosion of fundamental freedoms and the stifling of religious expression. The NSW government are claiming that this bill will save lives. International research and experience… Read More

  • A groundbreaking study published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has uncovered the truth that medical gender transition does not correlate with a reduction in suicide rates among gender dysphoric young individuals. Instead, the study suggests that the causes of suicide in this demographic are linked to psychiatric co-morbidities.   This discovery echoes Australian research indicating that those identifying as… Read More

  • This afternoon, the Select Committee on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2023 released the majority report, presenting 27 recommendations to the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly.  Among the 83 stakeholders consulted on the legislation, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) firmly advocated against the availability of assisted suicide in the territory. Additionally, the ACL suggested that… Read More

  • New South Wales budget estimates confirmed that the Labor Government has cut $250 million from the $650 million for palliative care over the next four years, rather than the $150 million reported last year.  Joshua Rowe, NSW/ACT State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said, “not only do these cuts jeopardise the quality of… Read More

  • The Growing Influence of Fringe Gender Ideology in the NSW Education System  A parent in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales has raised concerns about a Year 9 Health textbook used in their child’s school which contains fringe ideological claims regarding sex and gender.  State Director of NSW/ACT for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL),… Read More

  • A current NSW e-Petition wants to rob public school parents of their right to choose Special Religious Education (SRE) for their children in the public-school curriculum.   State Director of NSW/ACT for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Joshua Rowe, said, “This is a direct challenge to the NSW Education Act (1990) which requires public schools to… Read More