Media Release

Australian Christian Lobby Opposes NSW Labor’s Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has voiced opposition to the NSW Labor Government’s proposed Conversion Practices Ban Bill 2024, citing concern over the bill’s support for harmful treatments, along with the erosion of fundamental freedoms and the stifling of religious expression. The NSW government are claiming that this bill will save lives. International research and experience tells us the opposite.  

Joshua Rowe, State Director of NSW/ACT for the ACL, stated, “The bill has an evident bias toward affirming gender-transition pathways. This flies in the face of mounting evidence of the harmful effects of such treatments, especially on vulnerable youth. The NSW government have missed the opportunity to lead the nation in the area of gender dysphoria. Instead, they have chosen to support outdated and dangerous treatments that have been proven internationally to be harmful, particularly to children.”  

Rowe continued, “It is shockingly ironic, that on the same day the NSW government tabled a bill to protect transitionary pathways for individuals confused about their sex, the UK announced a prohibition on the use of puberty blockers for minors due in part to their carcinogenic properties. 

“The NSW Labor government bill has exposed the reality of a government intent on over-policing speech and prayer. There are grave concerns about the bill’s ambiguous language, particularly the broad use of “suppression”.  

Mr. Rowe continued, “The bill unjustly conflates a pastor or parents genuine and consistent counsel with harmful practices. This threatens the fundamental rights of freedom of speech, religion, and association for all NSW citizens, exposing well-meaning parents and faith leaders to legal repercussions including imprisonment of a maximum of 5 years”. 

The ACL calls upon Members of Parliament to reject this legislative overreach. We urge the government to allow thorough public consultation on this misguided bill’s contentious provisions.  

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