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New voices double down on shoddy evidence base for affirmative gender therapy

Two experienced psychiatrists, George Halasz and Andrew Amos, have further amplified the voices of thirty-six psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors questioning the ‘validity and reliability’ of any evidence in support of affirmative care.

Halasz and Amos add to a growing number of medical professionals who perceive that ‘affirmative’ therapeutic interventions are based more on a political agenda than robust clinical evidence. The two psychiatrists are encouraging colleagues to resist the pressure of political activism that has led to the “subordination of clinical governance to social and political goals”.

NSW State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Joshua Rowe, said, “We have seen hesitancy amongst medical professionals to speak out against this ill-informed pathway of medical intervention. But as Dr Amos has commented, this is not because they do not share their concerns about the affirmative model”.

Joshua Rowe continued, “Many clinicians observe the fate of professionals like Dr Jillian Spencer, stood down from duty at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for her stance against affirmative care. The fear of losing their livelihood and reputation is only compounded by the aggressive advocacy and rhetoric of some LGBTQ+ groups.

“It is increasingly evident that a growing number of medical professionals have had enough and are no longer willing to acquiesce to harmful medical therapies being undertaken on vulnerable children. Many recognise that political and social agendas have commandeered the therapeutic profession.”

Mr Rowe concluded, “I understand that many medical professionals, and even everyday Australians, feel afraid to call into question the validity of the transgender narrative. But a line must be drawn in the sand when our silence begins to make us complicit in the irreversible harm of children”.

The ACL calls on other medical professionals to be emboldened by Dr Halasz and Amos to speak out and discredit the widespread acceptance of gender-affirmative care as a model of best practice.

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