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Education or Indoctrination?  

The Growing Influence of Fringe Gender Ideology in the NSW Education System 

A parent in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales has raised concerns about a Year 9 Health textbook used in their child’s school which contains fringe ideological claims regarding sex and gender. 

State Director of NSW/ACT for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Joshua Rowe, praised the parent for their courage in their criticism of the textbook, stating, “It is absolutely right to be concerned about this textbook which states that sex is ‘assigned’ at birth’, and encourages students to ‘find their own gender path’ by critically examining their self-perception of their sex and its alignment with ‘gender stereotypes’. 

Rowe continued, “This textbook does not educate; it indoctrinates. Its aim is to impose a fringe ideology on young and impressionable children and teens. The assertion that ‘having a vulva doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a woman and want to use women’s spaces like bathrooms’ is in itself, a dangerous form of conversion.” 

Referring to a personal encounter with de-transitioner Jay Langadinos, Mr. Rowe explained that, “Jay underwent a double mastectomy and hysterectomy at the age of 19 after being misled into believing that transitioning would address her inner struggles. 

He emphasised, “Jay now recognises her need for holistic treatment for gender dysphoria rather than mere affirmation. She speaks publicly about her personal experience in the hope that others will recognise the lie that sex or ‘gender’ are changeable. 

“Australian parents are fed up with the Orwellian manipulation of their children through terms like ‘cisgender,’ ‘genderqueer,’ ‘agender,’ and ‘gender fluid,’ all of which are referenced in this textbook,” Mr. Rowe explained.  

He asserted that, “parents are aware of the attempt by ideologues to influence the minds of young children and teens, shaping their views on identity and family from an early age”. 

Citing a survey conducted last year in NSW, Mr. Rowe stated that, “nearly 80% of parents oppose primary school children being taught that they can change their sex or gender.” 

“Despite this, the NSW Parliament are considering two bills that further entrench gender ideology in communities, institutions, education systems, and families, namely the NSW Conversion Laws, and Independent MP Alex Greenwich’s ‘Equality’ Bill.” 

He concluded, “Enough is enough.” 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges more NSW parents to bravely confront and address indoctrination in their schools. Additionally, they call on the NSW Government to legislate and educate in a manner that upholds truth and protects the innocence of children, rather than succumbing to the fringe ideology of a radical minority. 

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