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  • Indigenous voice denies we are all one race – Human

    Published in The Australian, Friday 9 September 2022 In February 1957 the National Council of Churches in the US distributed a blistering attack against racial segregation in a pamphlet written by Baptist minister Martin Luther King Jr for the 35th annual observance of Race Relations Sunday. “All men, created alike in the image of God,… Read More

  • When do you say, “No, that’s too far”?

    It doesn’t matter how bad a crisis is, the crisis is not God. You must not bring all things into submission to the crisis. Read More

  • Pray for the people of Afghanistan

    Hope is vanishing, particularly for Afghan women, who have good reason to fear the future as they will bear the brunt of this takeover. Please pray for Afghanistan. Read More

  • What is identity politics?

    Proponents of identity politics say their identity is their politics. Read More

  • Born Alive and Left to Die

    When I was in Adelaide recently at the Walk for Life, a midwife shared a disturbing testimony about a time when she was present during a late-term abortion. Read More

  • Trial By Media

    Sexual assault allegations are fast becoming the latest tool in the Marxist toolkit of power. Read More

  • The truth about Daniel Andrews

    Daniel Andrews is Australia’s longest serving major political leader, having served just over six years as the Victorian Premier. Let me share some of his policies and public comments to give you a picture of the man… Read More

  • Vic: The Conversion Bill passed. What now?

    The Victorian Conversion Bill criminalises the truth. It’s a direct attack on the truth of creation, and on the Creator. It’s an attack on God’s people who want to live by standards of righteousness, and the design God has given, and not by the legislative brushstrokes of men. Read More

  • Vaccines: a matter of individual conscience

    There is no completely ‘ethical’ COVID-19 vaccine. This is reason enough not to make the COVID-19 vaccines compulsory. Read More

  • Trump: Guilty of Insurrection. Really?

    If Trump directly incited violence in a post, I’d support its removal and even a warning being given not to do so again, because I think direct incitement to violence is the point at which speech should not be free. The issue is, he never did that. Read More

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