Media Release

Australians rejoice as unity dawns in Canberra

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the bipartisan approach at today’s curtailed special sitting of federal parliament to pass a $130 billion wage subsidy package.

“The Australian spirit of mateship during a crisis is on full display in Canberra today,” ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles said, “Disagreement on the approach or detail is put aside in the national interest. Psalm 133:1 rejoices when a nation dwells in unity. This united moment blesses Australia and thankfully puts Canberra’s recent rancorous political past behind us.”

“The ACL commends Leader of the Opposition, Mr Albanese, and the Labor Party for taking a constructive approach to helping Australians stay in an employment relationship,” Mr Iles added, “Australians don’t want Depression-era unemployment levels or to lose the dignity of having a job. These short-term measures help workers and employers work together towards business-as-usual as we control COVID-19’s spread.”

“The Opposition raises valid points about those missing out and the need for longer-term oversight. Others raise vital concerns about the need to repay massive public debt when the economy is in better health, and the need to have as little infringement of our freedoms as possible. The national interest is, fortunately, being put first. As the spread of COVID-19 is stemmed, we must address these important issues.”


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