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98% of State High schoolers now taught gender theory in Victoria

The Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino’s triumphant claims at the ALP State Conference on the weekend, that the Safe Schools program has been introduced into 98 per cent of Victorian secondary schools,will be deeply concerning to parents in Victoria,warns the Australian Christian Lobby.

“Forcing schools to adopt an LGBTIQ ideologically motivated program, which flies in the face of biological science, is hardly something the Andrews Government should be proud of,” ACL Victorian director Dan Flynn said.

 “The Victorian Government can hardly claim that the dangerous gender theory program – operating under the guise of an anti-bullying program – has been embraced by schools, teachers and parents.

 “While the Victorian Government has little evidence to show support among parents, there is plenty of evidence to show that parents do not want the Government forcing rainbow political ideology onto their children.

“In fact, opposition to the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ gender theory program has reached a new level in Victoria. Thousands of parents are now calling for the right to pull their kids out of classes teaching that their gender is ‘fluid’ and encouraging cross dressing.

“Almost 17,000 Victorians petitioned the Premier in February complaining about this program and demanding the right to withdraw their children. No response to these Victorians has been forthcoming from the Premier.

“Parents are outraged that the Government still continues to teach that childrens’ gender is fluid under the cover of a so-called anti-bullying program. That concern is heightened now as the Government has made it clear that ‘Safe Schools’ exists in 98% of Victorian secondary schools.

“Victorian parents are urged to contact Premier Daniel Andrews and Education Minister James Merlino to insist on the withdrawal of the dangerous ‘Safe Schools’ program from their school,” Mr Flynn said.

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