Media Release

ACL supports Government’s ‘steady-as-she-goes’ approach to get kids off Nauru

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomes the news that the number of children on Nauru has more than halved over the last nine weeks.

Managing director of the ACL, Martyn Iles said, “It shows wisdom on the part of the government to be quietly depleting the number of children and families on Nauru without making a big song and dance about it.” 

“By taking an understated approach, there is far less risk that people smugglers will consider it an open invitation. If they did, we would be back to square one.” 

“The Australian Christian Lobby continues to remain supportive of the government’s successful policy on strong border protection combined with a generous refugee intake. However, we also agree that it is time to solve the crisis for those on Nauru and applaud the response from the government on this sensitive issue,” said Mr Iles.

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