Media Release

ACL welcomes legislation to ban offensive slogans on vehicles

The Australian Christian Lobby today commended Labor MP Katrine Hildyard’s proposed legislation to ban South Australian vehicles decorated with offensive and obscene slogans.

ACL state director Christopher Brohier supported this move and said, “Ms Hildyard has been prompt to respond to community concerns about SA registered vehicles being adorned with obscenities. The Government should support her initiative, and ensure appropriate legislation is passed urgently.” 

“However, ACL urges Ms Hildyard and the South Australian Parliament not to restrict the Registrar of Motor Vehicles’ power to cancel or refuse registration only if the Advertising Standards Bureau uphold a complaint, as this would significantly lessen the effect of the legislation.”  

“It would be better if the Registrar had the discretion to act on a complaint, with a quick review process via a body like the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. But Ms Hildyard’s proposed bill is a good start.”  

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the government to support Ms Hildyard’s initiative without restricting the Registrar and with the addition of penalties for non-compliance.  

“Companies must adhere to a better standard. Offensive and discriminatory slogans should never be so blatantly displayed on South Australian roads,” said Mr Brohier.

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