Media Release

ACT Government prepares to remove Christian cross and ethics from Calvary Hospital

The dismissal of Calvary Health Care’s application for an injunction to stop the takeover of Calvary Public Hospital by the ACT Supreme Court exposes the vulnerability of all Australians to totalitarianism by law, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s ACT Political Director, Rob Norman, said today, “While there may be avenues of appeal, the decision reveals that governments which are minded to tear up solemn agreements because of their ideological bent, may often succeed in the short term. The ordinary person or business has little or no protection against a state determined to impose its view on its people.

“It is a sad reality that if this takeover goes ahead, as now seems likely, Canberra will lose its best hospital to the hurt of Canberrans. When rampant anti-life sentiment rules, we all suffer.  However just as the first Calvary signified life through death, this loss may be the beginning of a new determination to resist totalitarianism and work for freedom for faith and conscience.

“When it takes possession on 3 July, the large blue cross atop the hospital will be removed, together with the pro-life ethics that have been the hospital’s bedrock for the last 44 years.

“The ACL calls on all ACT people of faith to remember Calvary Hospital as they await the next election. May Calvary usher in new life in the ACT,” Mr Norman said.

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