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Hostile Calvary takeover goes to court

The outcome of the ACT Government’s hostile takeover of Canberra’s Catholic Calvary Public Hospital is now set to be resolved in the ACT Supreme Court.

Lawyers for the hospital in the ACT Supreme Court hearing on Wednesday 7 June 2023 accused the ACT Labor-Greens Government of orchestrating an “active, hostile takeover” which could ultimately lead to “police being utilised to use force, such force as is reasonably necessary, to allow representatives of the territory to exercise the territory’s function under the act or to give effect of its purpose.” 

Rob Norman, ACT Political Director for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said,

“The actions of the ACT Government are more like that of a military dictatorship than a democratically elected Government. This is an arrogant six-term Government that believes it is above the democratic process.”

The ACL calls on the ACT Government to respect the people of Canberra by reverting to the democratic process. Canberrans deserve, and expect, due process to be followed. This has not happened. The ACT Labor Government should abandon this legislation and allow Calvary to continue to serve the Canberra community for the remainder of their 70+ years of their lease.

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