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Australian lives should not be traded for votes

Australian lives must not be traded for votes on legislation the Australian Christian Lobby said today. 

The comments come after Senator Leyonhjelm reiterated his threat on 2GB radio this morning to wreak havoc on the government’s legislative agenda if his bill to open the way for euthanasia in the Territories wasn’t allowed a free vote in both houses of parliament.  

Martyn Iles, Managing Director of the ACL said; “Senators should not strong arm the government’s legislative agenda to get what they want.  

“Votes should always be based on the merits of legislation, not bartered away to further Senator Leyonhjelm’s pet project.  

“An issue as serious as assisted suicide should be considered very cautiously by the parliament and, at the very least, examined by a committee. This is a law that will affect matters of life and death. 

“Leyonhjelm has departed from his responsibility to review legislation as a senator in order to push a dangerous euthanasia agenda.  

The Australian Christian Lobby continues to call on the government to uphold the dignity of life and block the bill from entering the House of Representatives. 

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