Media Release

Dan Tehan and Senator James Paterson speak out on religious freedom

Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed comments made by Senator James Paterson and Dan Tehan calling for a federal religious discrimination act, as a first step toward protecting religious freedom in the wake of same-sex marriage.

The two Liberal parliamentarians are concerned that people of faith will continue to be unfairly targeted because of their religious beliefs.

ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles said, “It is now six months since the same sex marriage legislation was introduced, and we still have no protections around the clear consequences for religious freedom.”

“It is time for Australia to have an informed conversation about how to legislate protections for people of faith.

“ACL supports the move for a federal religious discrimination act so long as it doesn’t include religious vilification.

“People must continue to have the ability to criticise religion” Martyn Iles said.

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