Media Release

Gender-bending activists are teaching children about bullying and online safety 

Project Rockit, an anti-cyberbullying organisation that presents to schools around the country, has today been exposed as promoting a strong LGBTI political agenda. 

Touted as an apolitical organisation teaching children how to be safe online, Project Rockit uses its social media to introduce children to gender-bending and queer politics in the guise of “anti-bullying” and social justice, says the Australian Christian Lobby. 

ACL’s Managing Director Martyn Iles in a statement said; “We have been contacted by concerned parents about this organisation repeatedly. Many of them are alarmed by the overtly ideological agenda being pushed onto their kids by these activists.” 

“Project Rockit and the people behind it have a thoroughly ideological, political agenda when it comes to kids in schools – a recent $1 million Facebook grant is intended to help them recruit 10,000 digital ambassadors who will be thought leaders for their peers. It sounds noble, but these are big dollars to make political activists out of other people’s kids.” 

“Their activism and anti-bullying message has very little to do with what we think of as bullying. Instead, they use social media to promote sexualised material, politics, and gender-bending ideology. Kids are often just a click away from some very unsavoury and age-inappropriate material, which undermines their claimed “cyber-safety” message.”  

“Most parents would be rightly outraged if they knew the political and ideological agenda behind this anti-bullying organisation. What’s most alarming is that Project Rockit has now been given a blank cheque and open access to schools to continue confusing kids,” said Mr Iles. 

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