Media Release

Gender pandering in full swing at Deakin University

Reports that Deakin University will become the first university in Australia to provide paid leave for staff undergoing gender reassignment surgery has raised legitimate concerns about gender equality and freedom of speech. 

Dan Flynn, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Victorian director in a statement, said; “We know males are the ones overwhelmingly transitioning to females, so it follows that biological men will be the main recipients of this extra paid leave allowance.”   

“This policy which elevates male staff with special leave is evidence that cultural Marxism has this institution in a stranglehold.”  

“Will students at Deakin University still be free to assert that there are two genders, male and female? Is a Christian view of sexuality allowed to be articulated by students without fear of being booted off campus?”  

“It’s important that students are allowed to hold views which differ from university policy, and for all staff to be treated equally with leave entitlements.”

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