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Greens latest attack on the Lord’s Prayer

The latest push by outgoing senator Lee Rhiannon to replace the Lord’s Prayer continues the Greens ideological attack on Christianity, says Australian Christian Lobby.

The Greens strategy of removing any symbol of the Christian faith is disturbing.

Senator Rhiannon is set to retire from the Senate this year and it is very disappointing the Senate has chosen to give credence to her motion to remove the Lord’s Prayer by referring it to the Procedure Committee. 

ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles said: “The Greens ideological push never ceases to amaze, the attack on Christianity is evident for all to see.”

“The Lord’s Prayer has a legitimate place in parliament as one of the founding standing orders from the beginning of Australian federal parliament in 1901.”

“The Lord’s Prayer is a reminder to all parliamentarians that they are not the highest power – that is why many Australians are reassured in the knowledge that so many of their elected representatives attend its daily reading in parliament.”

ACL looks forward to making a submission to the Procedure Committee.  

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