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“If in Doubt, Sit Them Out” Approach Urgently Needed for Childhood Gender Dysphoria

News that Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital affirms gender contrary to biological reality for children as young as three contravenes all established medical principles and current global advice.

National Director of Politics for the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Wendy Francis, said, “Strict guidelines are being introduced regarding suspected concussion cases for children in sport. If there is any question over the extent of a head injury, a cautious approach is adopted in an enforced period of ‘no play’. Despite wanting to play on, children are not given any option to make decisions that adults know could negatively affect their future health and wellbeing.  

“Meanwhile, in gender clinics around Australia caution is being thrown to the wind. Ignoring advice from senior medical practitioners both here and globally, the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital are treating children as young as three years old for self-diagnosed gender dysphoria.

“Instead of listening to medical experts, parents, and de-transitioners, Australian gender clinics are following the line of psychologists such as Wallace Wong who says that three-year-olds “know their authentic self” better than their parents. Wallace claims to have treated “quite a few” three-year-old patients whose first words are ‘Mummy I am not a boy’ or ‘Mummy, I’m not a girl.’”

“It’s way past time for a dose of reality in this space. Children’s lives are being irrevocably changed, and not for their wellbeing or flourishing – quite the opposite. While Members of Parliament continue to ignore the growing calls for inquiries into best practice for gender confused children, we have witnessing a growing cohort of trans teens and young adults lost in limbo, their bodies having been irreversibly messed with, and their lives stretching ahead of them.

Children do not always know what is best for them. When three year old children are being placed on a pathway leading to unnecessary and irreversible changes to their body, including weakened bone structure, infertility and altered neurodevelopment, adults cannot ignore the consequences and play along. It’s time for responsible adults to step in and protect our children for their own sake. They deserve nothing less.”

The ACL calls on State and Federal governments to initiate inquiries into best practice for gender dysphoria in children.

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