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Illegal brothels in Canberra another reason for SA to consider Nordic Approach

The recent evidence of horrendous illegal brothels in Canberra using trafficked Thai women should be the death knell for South Australian Greens’ radical bill to completely decriminalise prostitution, urges the Australian Christian Lobby.

“The Greens bill will effectively mean there is no control over prostitution in the state, likely resulting in brothels similar to the ones deemed illegal in the ACT,” commented ACL’s state director Christopher Brohier. 

Footage from the apartment complex raid in an ACT suburb revealed extremely squalid living conditions which the trafficked women were forced to endure.  

“This was occurring where prostitution was legal but regulated”, said Mr Brohier.  “If the Greens bill is passed police will have no power to investigate such brothels and horrendous conditions using trafficked women will flourish”.  

The Greens’ must provide real answers as to how this sort of activity will be stopped under their proposed radical regime. 

Mr Brohier said that to give real protection to women, the SA Parliament should reject the Greens’ radical Bill and enact the Nordic Model of prostitution law reform which would criminalise the conduct of buyers and provide meaningful exit strategies for prostituted

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