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Industrialised Prostitution Is Dangerous For Women

The Australian Christian Lobby is concerned members of the South Australian Parliament are not being told all the facts regarding New Zealand’s industrialised prostitution legislation.

“Contrary to what Hon Tammy Franks MLC would have parliamentarians and members of the public believe, there are serious concerns about New Zealand’s prostitution legislation,” commented state director Christopher Brohier.   

Mr Brohier raised concerns after a recent article shows Ms Franks with prostitution advocates from New Zealand in parliament as a sign of support for her bill.   

“Industrialised prostitution brings with it a whole swathe of issues, including some deeply troubling murders committed by the clients of prostitutes.”  

“Since New Zealand introduced it’s industrialised prostitution legislation in 2003 at least three women have tragically been brutally murdered by their clients.”  

By contrast, Sweden which has more than double the population of New Zealand has not seen one prostitute murdered since it introduced the Nordic Model of prostitution law in 1999.  

International jurisdictions with laws akin to New Zealand show similar results; 28 women working as prostitutes have been murdered in Holland since 2000 and 55 in Germany since 2002.   

“Tammy Franks industrialised prostitution approach has devastating consequences for the protection and safety of women,” warned Mr Brohier. 

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging the South Australian parliament to adopt Nordic style legislation instead. 

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