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International Children’s Day reminds us of injustices against children

The Australian Christian Lobby today recognised International Children’s Day, saying it is a reminder that the greatest injustices perpetrated in our society against children stem from selfish adult desires and unjust notions of equality.  

Managing director, Martyn Iles, highlighted the three pressing concerns of surrogacy, refugees, and abortion.  

“It is estimated that between 80,000 to 90,000 children are robbed of their chance at life every year because of abortion. These are children who react to touch by eight weeks’ gestation and are capable of experiencing pain by 20 weeks, if not earlier.”  

“Abortion is cruel to children and cruel to their mothers who often regret it.”  

“Pressure to open the door to commercial surrogacy in Australia also continues. But commercial surrogacy is just human trafficking by another name, trading women’s wombs and treating children like commodities to be bought and sold.”  

“Services like abortion and surrogacy are justified by notions of gender equality, family equality, family planning, or the desire to have or not to have children. These are all excuses to pursue adult desires at an unthinkable cost to our children.”  

The ACL is also aware of concerns about the welfare of children on Nauru and in refugee camps across the world. Mr Iles commented, “We support the government’s ongoing efforts to remove children from Nauru in a manner that is both wise and considered. We will also continue to lobby the government to maintain Australia’s generous refugee intake, to aid some of the world’s most needy children.”   

“Sadly, injustices against children continue not only around the world but here in Australia. Today is an important reminder for us to acknowledge the very grave harms children experience, even in the name of progressive social policies masquerading as equality measures,” commented Mr Iles.

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