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Labor Reject Recommendation To Remove Discrimination From Schools

Following revelations that Labor voted down a draft recommendation that would have prevented LGBT students being expelled from religious schools, the Australian Christian Lobby calls on Labor to confirm its position regarding religious freedom for schools.

“We’ve heard Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek say Labor’s bill was all about removing discrimination against children, yet when faced with the opportunity to create legislation which achieves exactly that, Labor declined,” said ACL’s managing director Martyn Iles.  

“Why would Labor reject a recommendation which would clearly fix what they have always said was their only concern with the Sex Discrimination Act?” 

“Labor’s bill was the subject of controversy because it proposed amendments which would not only have protected LGBT students from expulsion but would have also compromised the ability of many religious bodies to teach their faith.” 

“Surely Labor does not support such draconian restrictions on religious freedom?” 

“ACL remains concerned that religious freedom issues are not fully understood by many parliamentarians,” said Mr Iles.

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