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Labor’s inquiry into LGBTI students and staff doesn’t go far enough

Calls from the Labor Party for a Senate inquiry into religious school freedoms doesn’t go far enough, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Instead, ACL supports moves to set a legal standard on democratic freedoms, to protect the way of life of all Australians.  

 Managing director of the ACL, Martyn Iles says, “This inquiry is really all about freedoms. I believe it’s time that we clarified once and for all what freedoms Australians should be able to enjoy.”  

“Our long history as a free and tolerant country is being undermined by political pressure against religious communities and their schools, and it’s time for our legal framework to protect these communities properly.”  

“This schools’ issue is a question of freedom of association. All political parties enjoy freedom of association, and the principal should be the same for religious schools. Do we value freedom of association in our country or not? Politicians cannot have it both ways.”  

“ACL is aware that this is part of a long-term strategy of ‘salami tactics’ for removing religious freedom bit by bit. The same-sex marriage plebiscite was one example, along with overbearing anti-discrimination laws and now these new attacks on religious schools.”  

“We need to settle the issue of democratic freedoms once for all so that these kinds of attacks don’t continue.”  

The Australian Christian Lobby calls on Parliament to look towards protecting basic democratic freedoms in law so that we don’t slowly lose our freedoms through political campaigns with ulterior motives

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