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Labor Want Taxpayers To Pay For Abortions

Labor’s announcement today, to provide free abortions if they win the federal election is incredibly concerning for the welfare of both women and preborn women.

 The Australian Christian Lobby is calling on Bill Shorten to clarify his position on funding and facilitating abortion up to full term which Labor governments have implemented in Victoria and Queensland.  

“If Labor is indeed advocating for a national model – similar to what they legilsated in Queensland – a woman could end a child’s life up until full term for any reason. This would have severe and far reaching consequences,” commented Wendy Francis, ACL’s Spokesperson for Women and Children.  

“Currently in Victoria there is a shocking rise in sex selection abortions within ethnic groups, we know women are being pressured or coerced into having an abortion, and doctors in Queensland may be forced to perform abortions even if they conscientiously object to the practice.” 

“In the lead up to International Woman’s Day it’s unthinkable that Labor would support a policy which harms vulnerable women and prevent preborn girls the chance to embrace their own womanhood.” 

“Not only does this policy mean taxpayers will be footing the bill for the majority of abortions in Australia, but it will only serve to dramatically increase the pressure on already vulnerable women,” warned Mrs Francis.  

Ahead of the Federal election, it appears that voters who believe in the inherent dignity and value of life will have a clear choice as Labor advance unfettered abortion.  

The ACL will continue to uphold the sanctity of life and lobby for the protection of both women and children.

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