Media Release

Law reform should restrict abortion after 24 weeks

The Australian Christian Lobby today called on South Australian Parliamentarians to enact legislation prohibiting abortion after 24 weeks gestation.

The ACL’s SA Director Christopher Brohier said, “Rather than adopting the foreshadowed Greens’ bill which would completely legalise abortion even up to full term, Parliament should take the lead and enact legislation like that proposed by Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins in Victoria which requires that after 24 weeks gestation an unborn child to be delivered rather than destroyed.”   

“There are many examples of premature babies even from 22 weeks’ gestation surviving outside the womb. Their integrity and humanity should be recognised and not disregarded as proposed by the Greens.”   

“This is a unique opportunity for the South Australian government to lead the country in recognising the inherent humanity of life of unborn children,” urged Mr Brohier. 

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