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ACT parents waking up to shock gender bill

Families were shocked to learn via phone poll that the ACT government was rushing through ‘anti-conversion laws’ before the October election. The poll was conducted by Gender Awareness Australia on Monday. The Australian Christian Lobby is calling upon ACT politicians to stop the bill in its tracks.

“An amazing 85% of Canberra families had no idea the government was doing this, which is unsurprising given the ACT government’s covert ‘consultation’,” the ACL spokesperson Dan Flynn said today, “and 72% of respondents oppose making it illegal for parents to say or do anything less than agreeing with – and supporting a child’s wish to change gender. That’s damning.”

“Our legal advice is that a parent counselling their male 5-year-old child that he is a boy, when he wants to be a girl, could be subject to criminal proceedings.

“A faith-based school that teaches there are two genders could end up before the Human Rights Commission.

“A pastor who teaches a Biblical view of sexuality could face the same fate.

“The ACT Legislative Assembly is not a doormat. It should halt this radical legislation until its implications can be fully explored during the election campaign, and beyond.”


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